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users want

Validate your idea before writing a single line of code


Stop building products no one uses

Here's a story you've heard or lived through many times. You get an idea that you are excited about. You work on it for months perfecting ever last detail. And then release it in the wild.


Build it and they will come...except they don't

And then...crickets. It hits you. You wasted all that time and energy creating something no one wanted. Sigh...if only there was a way for you to validate demand for your idea before you even started?

Our solution: let the audience decide

Submit your idea. Give yourself a subscriber target. If users respond and subscribe, you have successfully validated demand for your product as well as discovered your first customers!

And if they don't...well you saved youself a lot of trouble didn't you?


Work on product-market-fitted ideas

The most effective way to validate your idea.

  • Better ideas

    Quickly validate your ideas and work on the ones that have demand.

  • Save time

    Never again waste time building something no one wants.

  • Start with customers

    Leverage the email list you have already built to connect with your first customers.

  • Happy users

    Provide valuable products to your users that they are craving for.

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